REVIEW: Gunpowder – Episode 3

“The performances from the stellar cast were almost universally pitch perfect, especially in this final installment. Harington should be proud that he convincingly humanised his ancestor, Catesby, expertly moving away from a more black and white characterisation. The same goes for the other members of the cast.” Our Review of the haunting Gunpowder finale. … Read More REVIEW: Gunpowder – Episode 3

REVIEW: Gunpowder – Episode 2

“The real accomplishment here is that the writing refuses to take sides, positioning Catholics and Protestants as equally dubious in terms of what motivates their opposing stances and actions, often finding surprising common ground in relation to the violent and brutal acts they find themselves willing to commit in the name of their respective strands of Christianity.” Our Review of the intriguing 2nd episode.… Read More REVIEW: Gunpowder – Episode 2

REVIEW: Gunpowder – Episode 1

“Obviously Gunpowder¬†is a relatively modest BBC production, but that so far hasn’t impeded the atmosphere it seeks to create. The opening scene was a masterclass in making the audience party to the sense of fear and claustrophobia that Catesby and his relatives must have felt, along with the priests they were harbouring.” Our Review of the engaging first episode of the miniseries. … Read More REVIEW: Gunpowder – Episode 1