The Fezettes & The Fez-o-meter

The Fezzettes


I am the Dutch half of this blog, so my perspective on shows might differ a bit. I have also studied television, so I am pretending to have a professional outlook. I value storylines, the role of women and aesthetics. But most important is how something makes me feel.


I’m the Brit, so I can’t help but apply a healthy dose of snark when commenting on shows. My studies were more Literature and Film related, but what I lack in expertise, I more than make up for in terms of willingness to watch hours and hours of TV and formulate an opinion. I enjoy an eclectic range of genres including sci-fi/fantasy, drama and comedy.

The Fez-o-meter

Tiny FezTiny FezTiny FezTiny FezTiny Fez “Geronimoooo!”

Tiny FezTiny FezTiny FezTiny Fez Excellent

Tiny FezTiny FezTiny Fez Good, but flawed

Tiny FezTiny Fez “Not great, Bob!”

Tiny Fez  There’s no way of getting that time back.

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