ROUND-UP: Game of Thrones – ‘Book of the Stranger’ (Season 6, Episode 4)

Who’s dead?

Osha, two Dothraki guards, all the Khals in Vaes Dothrak. Oh and a lot of male egos.

Most Impressive Death?

The patriarchy going up in flames did look spectacular!

Gratuitous Nudity?

‘That scene’ wasn’t really gratuitous because Dany was ‘reborn’ again reminding us and Jorah, and showing the Dothraki and Daario for the first time, that she is ‘The Unburnt’.

Quote of the Week

Who needs a quote when there’s staring like this?

Brienne and Tormund ep 4

Oh okay then, have this quote:

Daario: Oh, I don’t want to fight you, Jorah the Andal. What do I have to gain? If I win, I’m the shit who killed an old man. If I lose, I’m the shit who was killed by an old man.

Jorah: You didn’t get much discipline as a child, did you?

Daario: None.

Reunions, Rebuffs, Rude Letters, Outrageous Flirting and… Osh-it!

Marieke: Be still my Stark heart! Who did not have a wee tear in their eye during the first ever, and much needed, Stark reunion? Jon’s about to leave, the horn goes, someone at the gate… I squeed. I also loved the scene where Sansa apologised for being an arse to Jon. You can see they both just want to go back to those times, but it’s not possible. I loved the mention of Arya, Bran and Rickon and I hope all the siblings (bar Robb…) will unite someday. Also GoT gave us a truly heart warming moment, which is so unlike this show… This means more doom ahead, doesn’t it? Of course a letter from the neighbourhood psychopath dampened the mood a little, but was much needed to get the lacklustre Jon back into fighting mode again. Kudos for Sansa wanting to go it alone if Jon didn’t want to help. She truly has grown tough through her hardships and the contrast with depressed Jon could not have been greater. It says a lot she does believe Ramsey has Rickon. She knows her psychopaths by now. When going to capture back Winterfell, please take Wun Wun.

I also loved the super awkward meeting between Renly-killer Melisandre, Stannis-killer Brienne and “how the hell do I get out of here and what happened to Shireen?” Davos. And there is a new ‘ship in town’, apparently, because the looks Tormund gave Brienne… Ooh lala! She still might have a crush on Jaime, but woman, the way he looks at you, go forth and create the most massive soldier EVER! We ship it! And speaking of Ramsay, we know he is a ruthless killer and manipulator, and Osha did not deserve to die like that. I wish she’d shoved the apple down his throat instead, but alas, her fate was sealed since we’re heading towards another war for Winterfell.

Jon Sansa ep 4
A Stark reunion at last! Jon (Kit Harington) hugs Sansa (Sophie Turner)

Danielle: You’d have to have a cold, cold heart not to have been moved by that scene where Jon and Sansa embraced in the courtyard at Castle Black. The only way it could have been better is if Ghost had bounded along, stood on his hind paws and joined in for a group hug. Like Marieke, I especially liked the fact she later apologised for being so awful to him when they were younger as well. Much has been made of how alike Sansa is to Catelyn in terms of looks and temperament. Her Mother couldn’t stand Jon and did little to make him feel at home in Winterfell, so it stands to reason that her daughter would have taken a similar attitude towards her ‘half brother’, even though we got little chance to see their interaction in the show, if at all. That she’s so repentant is a product of the fraught journey she’s been on and how much she’s transformed from that ‘sweet summer child’, who naively thought Joffrey was a good choice for a husband. Escaping Ramsay’s clutches and finding solace with Jon also seems to to have made her grow a substantial pair, just as her brother’s seem to have shrivelled up post resurrection. She’s right to want to take the fight to her grotesque husband anyway, particularly in light of the show’s version of the ‘Pink Letter’. Aside from Rickon being taken hostage, something which they obviously can’t ignore, as she rightly argued, they’d never be safe anywhere in the Kingdom anyway. All they need to do now is rally those Northern houses that are still be loyal to the Starks, ally them with the Wildlings who Ramsay also threatened, and stop Davos from killing Melisandre when he finds out she was responsible for burning Shireen at the stake. Hmmm.

I absolutely adored Tormund and Brienne’s ‘flirtations’ too. It’s the ship we all never knew we wanted, and it’s especially nice that he seems completely smitten with her considering how nasty the boys used to be to her when she was a child. She has absolutely no idea how to react to his advances and it’s GLORIOUS! Hope we see some more of them soon! In less glorious territory was Osha’s departure at Ramsay’s hands, which I can’t say I thought was worthy of her. I expected her to go at some point, but I was desperate for her to make him suffer in some small way before she went. *Sighs*

Talking Cobblers, Making Plans

Marieke: Everyone is trying to influence poor little Tommen. However this gave us another scene of the week: the exit of Grand Maester Pycelle from his quarters. Could he have been any slower? I could not stop laughing at Cersei’s annoyance. This was such a useless scene, which just spoke volumes. Loved it! I am glad all the Lannisters and the Tyrells are on the same page now. Even Olenna thinks the poor should die for her well-being (all rich people are the same!). A civil war in King’s Landing, a place where the people are oblivious to the true dangers that are coming ahead. In the meantime, I hope the religious tension will be resolved soon. I wouldn’t mind seeing some Septas’ heads and a High Sparrow’s on a stick… Loras is on the verge of giving up. Poor guy, he never was the strong one, and it’s the Tyrell women standing their ground. We all know he just misses his Renly.

Danielle: I do love the idea of there finally being a confrontation with the Faith Militant, because let’s face it, something more than Tommen looking pensive, Cersei looking like she’s barely keeping a lid on her anger and the High Sparrow pottering around without any shoes on needs to happen in King’s Landing. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel that the rug is going to be pulled out from under this new, shaky Tyrell/Lannister alliance. As we, the audience, and Margaery know all too well, the High Sparrow is all about mind games rather than brute strength, so it depends on how much the religious fanatic has worked on the King as to how well their plan pans out. I just can’t imagine it ending well. Both Loras and Tommen aren’t long for this World, I think. Jonathan Pryce did give a stellar performance here when his character was explaining what made him leave shoe-making and debauchery behind to pursue a career as a bare-footed zealot, nevertheless. Brilliantly understated.

Another Sibling Powerhouse?

Marieke: Meanwhile on Pyke it’s also the sister being stronger than the brother; a recurring theme this season. Women are taking control. Sansa, Maergery and now Yara as she sets about becoming the Leader of the Ironborn. They’re the ones chasing their goals, with help from their brothers or not. With sad little Dorne, (which luckily has been sidelined for weeks now) ruled by women too and Daenerys showing her strengths again, it seems the show has taken a bit of a shift which will hopefully continue.

Danielle: It was quite nice to see yet another sibling reunion in this episode, even if Yara’s treatment of Theon before he explained why he was there was hardly conciliatory. In many ways, his journey on the show has gone in the opposite direction from Sansa. From a position of pride and arrogance that led to a horrific abuse of power, to one of humility and selflessness. If the young woman who he grew up alongside needed to learn to step up, Theon’s challenge was to get to the point where he could realise his place in the World by stepping aside and allowing someone else to shine with his help. Finally he’s seems to have made it by going back to Pyke and promising to aid Yara in gaining the Salt Throne. He’s right to do so too. Unlike Balon, his sister seems to have her head screwed on about what the Kingdom can realistically achieve, and what’s worth losing men over, him included. The trouble is, I don’t think Euron is going to play fair during the Kingsmoot. Still, the two Greyjoy offspring having each other’s backs could prove very beneficial for both of them.

Littlefinger Steps into the Fray
Robin ep 4
Robin Arryn (Lino Facioli) is no more than a pawn in Littlefinger’s game.

Marieke: Littlefinger has returned after his extensive “what is my accent?” course, visiting his step-child and manipulating him to the bone, he finally decides it’s time for battle. Because we all believe he didn’t know what Ramsay would be like, our little naive Littlefinger… Also he’s basically the ruler of House Arryn now, and all the land and forces that role brings with it, essentially because he brought young Robin a falcon and can make him do whatever he wants. Like Bran and Rickon, the young man is a victim of the Westerosi growth spurt, but hasn’t changed his ways at all. He might just as well be as bad as Joffrey and Ramsay, as he’d happily throw someone out of the Moon Door for the sake of seeing him fall. Or out of boredom. I hope Littlefinger can keep him under his Littlethumb, or else we will have another one of those uncontrollable brats ordering people around.

Danielle: So Robin is the living embodiment of breast is not always being best, isn’t he? If he’d have been any worse an archer, he’d have skewered himself in the eye. The spoilt teenager is completely in Littlefinger’s thrall, however, and it makes little difference that Yohn Royce is wholly and rightly sceptical of his lie about the Boltons kidnapping Sansa from his protection. He’ll take a long trip through the Moon Door if he dares to question ‘Uncle Petyr’ again. Still, it’s good news for Jon and Sansa’s battle numbers if the Vale’s troops are added to their forces. I can’t imagine his former ward is going to be too impressed that he handed her over to Ramsay though. Even if Roose’s bastard was somewhat of an unknown quantity, it’s hard to imagine Littlefinger being totally oblivious to rumours about his penchant for torture. That will be an interesting encounter, for sure, especially as his infatuation with Catelyn seems to have transferred to her daughter to a certain degree. Something tells me he’s now not the only one capable of manipulating people. I’d really like to know if his intention is to wipe out the Boltons, push Robin through the Moon Door and then set himself up as Warden of the North and the Vale by marrying Sansa, before later heading South to make capital out of the chaos in King’s Landing. I just don’t think he’s factored in her newfound, emboldened demeanour though. There’s a distinct possibility that he might be taking a flying lesson before the show ends, and not on the back of one of Dany’s dragons.

Burning Down the House

Marieke: Jorah and Daario proved to be the new travelling duo to look out for. They find their Khaleesi, but it is Dany, herself, who is doing the rescuing. She is the second person after Jon to be reborn, although not as literally as Mr Snow. But she reminds us and herself once again of who she is, gains a whole Dothraki army in the process, and will hopefully move on to Westeros now. Or at least kill those Sons of the Harpy, along with the annoying masters from Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis, who Tyrion sidelined for a minute with his deal. I am sure he is just waiting for Dany to return and buying time, but it is definitely interesting that he is the one going for diplomacy whilst pretty much everyone else on the show is baying for war. Grey Worm and Missandei might not like his methods, but it definitely is all they have now.

Jorah Daario ep 4
Jorah (Iain Glen) taking another sneaky peek at his naked Khaleesi as everybody else, including Daario (Michiel Huisman), bows their head in deference to her.

Danielle: So Daario now knows that Jorah has greyscale. It’s pretty damn hard to imagine he’s going to keep that fact to himself now that the object of their affection has freed herself from her Dothraki oppressors. He never listens to what Ser Friendzone has to say anyway, as exemplified by the knife he used to plunge into that guy who was whooping Jorah’s ass, after the wholly ridiculous ‘let’s throw sand in the eyes of a man who lives in the desert’ trick. I’m so pleased she was the one to free herself though. I was fully expecting another re-run of Drogon flying in to save the day, so it was great to see yet another woman seize the reins and break out in a blaze of glory. Literally in this case. (Interesting that they’ve chosen to depart from the book and make her completely fireproof all the time.) It also served those Khals right that they ended up being burnt to a crisp. All those rippling muscles and not a clue about what hubris is. You brought it on yourself boys! Furthermore, I liked the fact Dany seems to have found herself a new pal too. One who was great at keeping her mouth shut. Like the other members of the Dosh Khaleen, who are now without a gilded cage to be shut inside, her experience and advice could prove invaluable to their new Khaleesi. Going back to Mr Smooth and Jorah the Explorer, I can’t get over their reactions to their Queen stepping out of that flaming building butt naked. Daario seemed utterly shocked that those stories about her being fireproof were true, and his ‘frenemy’ couldn’t resist another sneaky, little peak at her when everybody else’s head was bowed. I just keep thinking that his dream will finally come true and Dany will make a move on him, only for him to have to keep his distance because of the greyscale. At that point he’ll probably throw himself into the fire.

Back in Meereen, Tyrion really is stuck in between a rock and hard place, isn’t he? The sensible answer probably is to broker a deal with the Masters over their slave trading, but how can he possibly get Grey Worm and Missandei to understand that when they know what seven years means to a slave? Sometimes wielding power means you’re not going to be liked, no matter who you make concessions to. The only other option he has is to provoke fear from the subjects he’s been forced to rule over, and that probably involves freeing Rhaegal and Viserion. Risky business. Either that or Dany makes a deal with Easy Jet and gets them to fly her and her Dothraki horde back to Meereen, pronto.

Our Fezzy Score: rsz_fuzzy_fezrsz_fuzzy_fezrsz_fuzzy_fezrsz_fuzzy_fez

So what did you think to the episode? Let us know in the comments…


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