ROUND-UP: Game of Thrones – ‘Home’ (Season 6, Episode 2)

Who’s dead?

NOT JON, HAHAHAHA! In spite of the big resurrection, there was a pretty high death count in this episode. If it continues like this, the future King or Queen of Westeros won’t have much reigning to do. Roose, his wife, Walda,  and their newborn son swapped Winterfell for the afterlife. Balon Greyjoy’s diving career did not last long. Cersei’s flasher’s head got crushed when he had his c*ck in his hands. A traitorous Night’s Watcher’s skull was crushed as well by Wun Wun swinging him into a wall, whilst a few of his treacherous colleagues simply got stabbed.

Most Impressive Death?

Tough call. The worst was Walda + baby. There were also some good skull crushes, and who didn’t love the mirror of Bolton being stabbed to death like he did Robb?

Gratuitous Nudity?

Again, they’re not living up to their rep. There was Jon’s body covered with a scrap of material, but unless you’re a necrophiliac… Even the man boasting about his earlier nudity got killed, which says it all.

Quote of the Week
Tyrion wine glass
Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) with wine glass in hand.

Tyrion: That’s what I do. I drink and I know things.

Christ Alive!

Marieke: GASP. And there he was back to life, back to reality. Kit Harrington felt the need to excuse himself for lying (poorly), but no-one was surprised this happened and we all just went along with it. It turned out Melisandre’s true form was some sort of witches’ depression and she needed Davos to set her straight. Davos does not give a fuck about religion, but he believes in the Red Woman and also in the Lord Commander. I cannot wait to see Melisandre’s reaction to Jon being alive (let’s hope she won’t die before that, it would be very GoT-y) . I cannot wait to see all the reactions actually. And aren’t we glad Wun Wun is on the good side? Love the traitors being imprisoned and Edd, Tormund and the Wildlings saving the day. If Ramsay does want to attack Castle Black, I cannot wait for Wun Wun to go all Hulk smash on him. This has to become canon, it just makes sense.

Danielle: Was it just me, or were there some major Christ-like undertones to Jon’s resurrection? Right down to the washing of his body and the conveniently placed loin-cloth, and that’s aside from the fact Mr Harrington does look a bit Jesus-y with those long locks. I’ve seen some people say they’re underwhelmed by how he’s been brought back to the land of the living, but they laid out what they were likely to do right back when Melisandre met Thoros and Beric in Season 3. I’m actually pleased that it wasn’t too flashy. That the Red Woman’s crisis of faith and doubt in her abilities encouraged Rh’llor to take pity on her seems apt. Hitting rock bottom before bouncing back up already appears to be a theme this season. I’m loving the burgeoning, awkward bromance between Mel and Davos too, although I’m not sure The Onion Knight will be so forgiving towards her if he eventually finds out she was responsible for putting Shireen on the pyre.

Helloooo from the Other Side: Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) moments after his resurrection.

I’m also pretty intrigued with how Jon is going to deal with Thorne and the other members of the Night’s Watch who put a knife in his chest. He was fairly pragmatic and forgiving in the past when it came to those who’d wronged him in most instances, but are we going to see a change/harder edge to him now that he’s been brought back, in the same way that Beric said that he lost something each time he was resurrected by Thoros? Are Maester Aemon’s words to Jon, “Kill the boy, and let the man be born”, going to take on both a metaphorical and literal meaning in relation to the previously deceased Lord Commander’s personal development and his treatment of young Olly?

What a B*stard!

Marieke: Talking about Ramsay. Those were some tense scenes. For a millisecond it was not clear who stabbed whom. But obviously the crazy bastard, who just received a massive compliment, heritage wise, was the only one to actually do the stabbing. As pointed out often, it was a nice mirror of Roose stabbing Robb Stark. Sadly the Starks could not send their regards on this one. Ramsay with Walda and the baby was the most tense scene so far. I really thought Ramsay was going to throw the baby into the fire. But he wasn’t that cruel. Ehh… Although… I was surprised by Walda being up and walking so quickly after giving birth. But her mind wasn’t as quick as her physical recovery, even though she did feel anxious giving Ramsay her baby. Turns out nothing happened until they were going to pet the dogs. I assume Walda thought that Lord Bolton was cuddling the man eating dogs or something. She never was that bright, the poor thing. This was also the reason the dogs returned to Winterfell instead of attacking Brienne. I wonder how Walder Frey will take this news, being the nice bloke he is…

Danielle: Well, Ramsay plumbed new depths this week, didn’t he? I knew he wouldn’t allow his father, his stepmother and his half brother to live, but his mode of dispatching them all was particularly brutal. I was surprised the young Karstark seemed to be in on Ramsay’s plan, but then Robb’s execution of his father seems to be yet another bad decision that’s still having reverberations throughout the Kingdom. My ears pricked up when the Umbers were mentioned as one of the other families Westeros’ favourite psychopath wishes to ally himself with to maintain his hold on Winterfell. Isn’t that the House with which Rickon and Osha sought refuge when it became too dangerous for them to go any further North with Bran? It’s not looking good for the youngest Stark boy if that is the case.

What you talking about, Wylis?

Marieke: The most interesting part was Bran’s vision about his father as a boy. Just like him I wanted him to stay longer, but an excellent Max von Sydow corrected him on that. I think everyone just shouted out Hodor when young Hodor had a different name (Wylis) –and- had the ability to talk. We all want to know what happened to him! There are theories of warging too long going around. The Three-Eyed Raven should have used him as a cautionary tale. We also saw a lot of parallels between Ned and his siblings (Benjen alert!) and Bran and his siblings when everything was still okay in Winterfell. Lyanna appeared and the evidence for R+L=J is getting stronger and stronger by the day. I hope to see many more visions this season, as they were very enjoyable and they deepen the Stark legacy. Also it was just nice to watch some good times for a change on a show like this… Meera is rather patient and I hope for her she won’t be waiting till episode 9 or something. I can’t wait to see her play the important part she was promised by that Child of the Forest since she is massively underused now her brother’s dead, and Bran is just visioning along.

Bran realised that Hodor’s real name was Wylis and that he used to be able to talk.

Danielle: With Lyanna turning up on a white charger in Bran’s green dream, and looking very much like a young women who could hold her own against someone who tried to kidnap her, which is what Prince Rhaegar allegedly did to her and what’s supposed to have been the catalyst for Robert’s rebellion all those years before, as Marieke said, R+L=J is looking more and more likely. It was nice to see Benjen there fighting with Ned too, and I’m almost certain now that he’s going to make a reappearance at some point in the future. Perhaps most interesting of all was the reveal about Hodor being Wylis, a talking stable boy with giant’s blood. I’ve seen all the theories about him warging too long as well, but I remain unconvinced. What I did find intriguing was his apparent connection to Lyanna. Did he have some sort of meltdown when he found out what happened to her, or was he actually there to witness her demise? Whatever it is, rather than him talking nonsense, his hodor-ing now seems to be vitally important. More generally, I’m getting the impression that Bran’s unwillingness to come back to his real surroundings is going to put him, Meera, the Three-Eyed Raven and the Children of the Forest in service to him in grave danger.

Bridge over Choppy Water

Marieke: Four of the five kings are dead. Really, Balon, you thought saying that would be a good thing? Balon was completely digging his grave with flowers on top with this comment and no one was surprised a rickety bridge in that weather caused his death. A little bump from long lost brother Euron was maybe a little less expected at first, even though he was scheduled to make an appearance. I think Yara won’t be her father’s heir, and I wonder how she will react to her uncle’s return. Will she be more or less excited about Theon’s return? If he will make it. Assuming the dogs are full after eating Walda and son…

Danielle: I don’t know. The level of Balon’s hubris was astonishing really. Not only has  he handled the governance of his Kingdom terribly, all the while criticising his remaining children, but he was idiotic enough to think that his brother was just going to let him pass on that bridge. You had to go, mate! Yara should be the next ruler of the Ironborn. She has a good head on her shoulders, but it’s very doubtful that she will be. Her uncle, Mr ‘I am the Storm’, certainly looks like he’ll be a far from boring ruler though. I am looking forward to Yara and Theon reuniting. It looks like they need each other right now.

Fork in the Road
Sansa brienne ep 2
Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) discussing Arya.

Marieke: I love that Sansa has forgiven Theon. I don’t think anybody else would do that as quickly as she did. I also loved Sansa’s weak smile at realising Arya’s still not a girly girl after Brienne told her she met her and some man (will The Hound make his return after ‘dying’ off-screen?). No heartbreak about Jon’s death when they will go North now, thankfully. Question is, will they beat Ramsay to it? Tense times ahead.

Danielle: Something really puzzled me about the exchange between Sansa and Brienne. Why did she lie about fighting, and ‘probably’ killing, The Hound? Was it because she was scared the young woman she’s looking after would once again refuse her service if she admitted to leaving Arya to go off on her own? I suppose it stands to reason. I’m so happy for Sansa that she has some hope again though that it almost doesn’t matter. That hug between her and Theon before he set off ‘home’ was so meaningful too.

A Girl has no Name

Marieke: Arya has finally stopped being a beggar and she truly has no name. I wonder if Jaqen was just bluffing when he said he could give the girl her eyesight back? I hope not. It is good to see Arya ‘Blind Fury’ did not last too long and the next steps are already taken. The Hall of faces has made such a big appearance in the advertising material, I hope it will be used.

Danielle: I was really pleased to see Arya fighting back in this episode, and that she’s finally been welcomed back into the fold by her mentor. It is starting to feel like her storyline is stagnating a little, however. Things need to be moved along, and quickly.

Keeping up with the Faith

Marieke: Poor little Tommen. By trying to protect his mother, he hurts her the most. Enlisting her for help might be signing his own death sentence. I doubt anyone thinks he will make it through this show alive, but will he bite the dust this season? Jaime trying to take on the High Sparrow has not learned from his sister’s ordeal. The High Sparrow seems invincible, because he claims to have no power, only numbers. The working, yet religious class provoking the wealthy Lannister class. If Jaime wants to kill them all he needs a lesson or two on religious warriors’ stealth tactics, because he didn’t even notice he was surrounded. It also showed some of the Faith’s strength, which did not really come across last series due to poor writing. I am hoping for an interesting standoff. The little light-hearted scene (ahem) of FrankenMountain showing peeing should not be done in public (nor flashing the Queen-mum) made me giggle. We know he is powerful and ruthless, but he also likes cleanliness. The advertisements to get your own FrankenMountain just write themselves.

Danielle: I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Cersei ends up killing Tommen herself, or getting FrankenMountain to do it for her. There was a real coldness in her interaction with him that didn’t just seem to stem from the fact he wouldn’t let her be at Myrcella’s funeral. In her mind, I think she truly believes the prophecy that all her children will die, so a sense of inevitability is colouring her actions and making her emotionally extricate from her only remaining child. Of course, Tommen is Jaime’s child too and it’s unlikely he’d be ok with her bumping off their last offspring, intentionally or not. Let’s all bear in mind the Valonqar part of Maggy the Frog’s prophecy to Cersei, and the fact Jaime is the youngest twin. Speaking of Jaime, I am surprised that the High Sparrow was so blatant in his admission that he’s prepared to bring down an Empire to get what he wants. In effect, he’s not that different from people like Littlefinger, who’s pursuing power at all costs. His methods are just different.

Drinks, Dungeons and Dragons
Tyrion Dragons
Tyrion makes friends with Daenerys’ dragons.

Marieke: And our little Lannister… had a big mouth again. I am glad this time Varys did not stop him, because his face when Tyrion walked down the steps towards the dragons was hi-la-rious. I loved Tyrion bonding with the dragons, and them not hurting him might be an important steps towards the future. That said, I cannot wait for Varys to slap Tyrion the next time he thinks of something dangerous and silly. No we have to see how much havoc the two lose dragons will create. They might eat cattle again, but Tyrion had a point that being locked up wasn’t good for them either. Maybe they will go find their mother, who could use a little help right now.

Danielle: Oh the interactions between Tyrion and Varys still remain joyous! I think the alcohol-chugging imp is definitely onto something that the dragons won’t do well in captivity, and it was great he was able to remove their chains without being toasted like a marshmallow. I’m still not convinced that this is a sign he’s a secret Targaryen as some have been speculating this week. Like he said, they’re just incredibly smart and he made it clear he wasn’t going to harm them. Nevertheless, I doubt ‘Operation Free the Dragons’ is going to be without incident in the coming weeks.

Our Fezzy Score: rsz_fuzzy_fezrsz_fuzzy_fezrsz_fuzzy_fezrsz_fuzzy_fez

So what did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments…


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