Game of Thrones: Who’s Likely to Meet a Sticky End in Season 6?

It’s no secret that Game of Thrones is the most brutal show on TV. Since the now dead (TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY DEAD) Jon Snow headed to The Wall ‘to take the black’, Daenerys Targaryen was bundled off to the Dothraki to become Khal Drogo’s Khaleesi, and Tyrion Lannister first jumped into bed with a goblet of wine and a gaggle of prostitutes whilst visiting Winterfell with the rest of his family, the bodies have piled high. So where does that leave us heading into Season 6? Here we take a look at who’s still standing in each major House, and how we rate their chances of surviving the upcoming 10 episodes.

WARNING: You probably won’t want to go further if you’re not caught up with Season 5 yet, and/or you don’t want to read wild speculation about Season 6 based on trailers, promotional pics etc.


House Lannister

Who’s left?

Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Tommen (okay, officially he’s a Baratheon, but we all know the truth), Lancel and Kevan.

It seems likely Tommen is probably going to meet the same fate as his brother and sister.
It seems likely Tommen (Dean-Charles Chapman) is going to meet the same fate as his brother and sister.

Who do we think is going to die?

Danielle: I believe Tommen and Lancel are the prime candidates to be gonners by the end of this year’s run. We saw the flashback at the start of Season 5 where a Young Cersei was told by Maggy the Frog that all 3 of her children would one day wear ‘Gold crowns’ and ‘Gold shrouds’, and the naive King is the last incestuous love-child standing. For now. It almost seems obvious that his death will hasten his Mother’s decent into absolute madness. She’s already halfway there. Lancel is starting to seem pretty expendable too now with his allegiance to the Faith Militant. I doubt his cousin and one-time bedfellow will even think twice about killing him to get what she wants. Kevan, Cersei’s Uncle, isn’t exactly his niece’s greatest ally either. She could easily get her new attack dog, Ser Robert Strong/Franken-Mountain to crush his little head too.

Marieke: Oh poor little Tommen. The prophecy predicts his death and this poor little teenager doesn’t deserve it. He’s just sweet and naive and you just want to pinch his cheeks. He’s not like his mother or his brother… But he has to go. Maybe the big ol’ zombie can save him at first, but eventually they should order him a coffin. No tears for Lancel, maybe the big ol’zombie can just kill him quickly. There will be a massive fight, hopefully on-screen too It would be a surprise if the main Lannister siblings were to get offed.


House Targaryen

Who’s left?

Just Daenerys apparently. (Although you can read theories about secret Targs here, here and here.)

Who do we think is going to die?

Danielle: There is no way Dany is going to die yet. She has dragons to wrangle and White Walkers to roast.

Marieke: Apparently maths predicts Dany’s death. Yeah, right! She is endgame. She is the fire needed to kill the ice, you know, like the original book title suggests. Unless Winter is coming and conquering everything as well, I don’t see her leaving any time soon. Or ever. She has dragons.


House Tyrell

Who’s left?

Margaery, Loras, Olenna and Mace.

Who do we think is going to die?

With Finn Jones being cast in his own series, it seems a distinct possibility that Loras won't see out Season 6
With Finn Jones being cast in his own series, it seems a distinct possibility that Loras won’t see out Season 6.

Danielle: Towards the end of last season, it looked like Mace’s days were numbered when Cersei sent Meryn Trant to accompany him to the Iron Bank in Braavos and surreptitiously bump him off whilst they were there. With Arya throwing a spanner in the works last season by killing his would-be assassin, ironically, it seems that the Head of the house is now the most safe. In spite of their apparent willingness to kowtow to the High Sparrow and the Faith Militant, Margaery and Loras are still being imprisoned and their fates are likely to be decided by their respective trials. Olenna is also putting herself in danger by so blatantly going toe-to-toe with the Faith, but selfishly I’m hoping she lives and Diana Rigg sticks around for a lot longer on the show. The smart money would be on Loras not surviving Season 6.

Marieke: The actor playing Loras, Finn Jones, is going to be Iron Fist on a new Marvel show. I assume a role like that demands time which Thrones might take away for him, even if he says otherwise. So from a production perspective, he can go. From a story perspective, he can go too. He’s nothing without Renly really. Cersei hates him, the religious people would want to kill him because he’s gay… It is not looking good for Loras! I hope Margaery will live because she can stand up to Cersei, and she has to bury Tommen. Olenna is the überqueen, but had difficulty dealing with the Faith. She thinks she is so smart, she is, but this time she was steps behind the High Sparrow and his plans. Or are those plans of The Seven? Anyway, I really hope she will stick around, because she is a strong, older woman and a fantastic actress.


House Bolton

Who’s Left?

Roose, Ramsay, Fat Walda and her and Roose’s unborn child.

Who do we think is going to die?

Danielle: It’s really hard to imagine Ramsay allowing his father’s and Walda’s newest arrival to live in light of the fact it will probably have a better claim to Winterfell and the title of ‘Warden of the North’ than he does, especially if it’s a boy. To be quite honest, with Ramsay’s bloodlust, it’s likely that he’ll kill Roose and his stepmother too. In theory, that will have a knock-on effect on the Bolton’s alliance with the Freys, but let’s hope Sansa finds a way to hand his arse to him before any of that even matters. They could all be gone by the end of the season.

Marieke: Brutal death for Ramsay please. I actually would like it if Walda catches Ramsay trying to kill the baby and then strangles him, but maybe I am giving too much power to a woman who just delivered a baby. It’s the House no-one would mind going down, but we also need baddies. Well, Thrones is full of baddies, in every grading along the scale, but the Boltons are really up there. I wouldn’t mind Theon killing Ramsay either, but that’s just not how this show works.



House Greyjoy
Pilou Asbæk looks set to make waves as newcomer, Euron Greyjoy.

Who’s Left?

Balon, Theon, Yara and Euron looks set to make an appearance in Season 6.

Who do we think is going to die?

Danielle: For those of you who read the books and people, like me, who seem averse to staying spoiler-free, KINGSMOOT! That is all. Euron’s arrival is certainly going to mix things up a little in The Iron Islands!

Marieke: Oooh Euron is played by a Borgen alumni, which makes me excited! The biggest Greyjoy worry is if Theon can be Theon again, or if Reek is still pulling the strings mentally. Unless that jump finally killed Reek off once and for all, (if only it were that easy). I have no idea about this storyline either, so we’ll just see. Does this mean we do get the Iron Islands back in the opening credits? I love looking at those bridges going up and down, they’re so adorable.



House Stark

Who’s Left?

Sansa, Arya, Bran, Rickon and Benjen?

Who do we think is going to die?

Danielle: I really hope they’re all safe as they’ve suffered enough but, at a reluctant push, I’d guess that Rickon is the Stark most in danger. Aside from Benjen, who’s still missing somewhere North of The Wall and who was conveniently mentioned moments before his nephew was killed at the end of Season 5, (therefore making him ripe for a triumphant return), the rest seem to have substantial plot armour. Sansa needs and deserves her vengeance against Ramsay; Arya still has her list to work through, even if her mentor, Jaqen, seems determined to beat the will to avenge those who wronged her friends and family out of her; and Bran is obviously integral to the fight against the White Walkers.

Marieke: I’ll let you in on a not so secret secret. This is my House. I was stupid enough to sign up for House Stark in Season 1 and look at all the misery it brought me! Benjen is a gonner. I actually think he might have found a rowing Gendry and they grabbed a beer together. Arya will go all Blind Fury and become a master assassin. Sansa will become a great Queen. She knows the tricks. She has the support. She just need to find and gather the latter. Rickon… Will he be back? Maybe he and Osha are still looking for mushrooms in the woods or something? HODOR. In relation to Bran, that scene in the trailer where he meets the Night’s King looks menacing, and is most likely a dream/vision, but I really do want to see that. I also think Bran is endgame, with his warg abilities. He just needs to figure out how to warg into a dragon, no? And he may not officially be a Stark, but I put Jon Snow in this House. And yes he is dead. But will be brought back to life. But technically, yes, dead. For now.


House Martell

Who’s Left?

Ellaria (Indira Varma) may have signed her own death warrant when she poisoned Myrcella.
Ellaria (Indira Varma) may have signed her own death warrant when she poisoned Myrcella.

Doran, Ellaria Sand, The Sand Snakes (Tyene, Obara, Nymeria) and Trystane

Who do we think is going to die?

Danielle: Things really aren’t looking good for Trystane with him being in Jaime’s custody after Myrcella’s poisoning and subsequent death. Even if her real Father is inclined to hold him hostage, rather than punish him for Ellaria’s crime, it’s unlikely that Cersei will consider taking an even-handed approach in the aftermath of her daughter’s murder. It’s hard to imagine Prince Doran being best pleased with his deceased, younger brother’s paramour for putting his son in danger and jeopardising the peace he’d negotiated with the Lannisters either. You’re going down lady!

Marieke: The most disappointing House. Still not over the Viper’s death. HIS EYES. Anyway, I don’t really care about them. They can just disappear or die or do whatever.


The Other Major Players

Who’s Left?

Ser Jorah Mormont, Daario Naharis, Grey Worm, Missandei, Bronn, Brienne of Tarth, Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish, Varys, Ser Robert Strong, Meera Reed, Melisandre, Ser Davos Seaworth, Podrick Payne, Hodor, Jaqen H’ghar, Edmure Tully, Brynden ‘The Blackfish’ Tully, High Sparrow, Pycelle, Qyburn, Tormund Giantsbane, Edd Tollett, Samwell Tarly, Gilly, Ser Alliser Thorne, Olly, Osha, Walder Frey, The Three-Eyed Raven, The Night’s King and his army of White Walkers and Wights.

Who do we think is going to die?

Danielle: In Meereen, I can’t see Grey Worm, Missandei or Varys dying just yet. That leaves Jorah and Daario, who’ve gone off to find Dany and Drogon. Of course the obvious candidate to die would be Ser Jorah because of the greyscale he’s been infected with. It seems inevitable and I can absolutely imagine him succumbing to a noble death at some point during the 10 episodes. How I think this might occur is in relation to Daario, who I’ve had my suspicions is actually ‘The Harpy’ for a while now. A showdown that reveals this and allows Jorah to make up for his previous betrayal by neutralising his Queen’s lover would be fitting, almost as if they cancel each other out and allow Dany to move forward, especially as the Dothraki khalasar that surrounded her when we last saw her are bound to bring new people into her inner circle.

Is Jorah (Iain Glen) due for a showdown with Daario at some point?
Is Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen) due for a showdown with Daario at some point in Season 6?

In the North there’s a number of characters who I can imagine dying, but who I really hope don’t. Because it looks like there’s going to be a major battle up there (see the trailer here), it seems Tormund and the rest of the Wildlings will be in serious danger from the Boltons and those who are loyal to them. In the aftermath of killing Stannis, I also get the impression that Brienne and Pod are on shaky ground, although it’s looking like they both will be involved in the ‘book’ storylines that the showrunners are due to be circling back on and encountering Jaime again, which perhaps backs up the theory that not only is the younger Lannister twin the Valonqar, he’s also one head of the dragon referred to in the ‘The Dragon has Three Heads’ prophecy, which means he could ride one of Dany’s spare dragons against the White Walkers. (I know it sounds far-fetched but…) If that is the case then Brienne, not Cersei, could become his figurative Nissa Nissa and therefore be sacrificed. Meanwhile, North of The Wall, mentor/mentee tropes also dictate that time may be up for The Three-Eyed Raven as he’s apparently training up Bran this season to take over the mantel of chief Greenseer. Also, along with the Boltons perhaps getting their comeuppance, if Jon is resurrected in the first few episodes (I think it’s safe to put money on), then it’s hard to imagine Alliser Thorne, Olly and the rest of the Night’s Watch members, who treacherously murdered their Lord Commander, getting off scot free. Serves them bloody right!

Elsewhere, the sh*t could hit the fan for the High Sparrow as the Lannisters and Tyrells start to push back against the Faith Militant’s show of strength, where they humiliated Cersei and continue to keep Margaery and Loras prisoner. In addition, the trailer also gave us a glimpse of Walder Frey, which throws up the possibility of Red Wedding 2: Stark Revenge. BRING. IT. ON.

Marieke: Ser Friendzone (Jorah) will turn to stone. I just wonder how fast he will become a statue for all friendzoners out there. And will he infect others? I am willing Daario not to die, because he is Dutch and he is fine. Hang in there Daario! And I am hoping he’s not who Danielle thinks he is. Grey Worm released an album, how about that? Just not as Grey Worm. He is expendable, as is Missandei when Dany is not around, but I can’t be bothered too much with them (although I am one of –those- people who think they are a cute couple). Varys needs to bromance more with Tyrion. He is valuable with all his ‘little birds’. Oh and yeah I do think Jorah will die as a hero to save ‘his’ khaleesi one last time. Because that’s just the kind of ‘rock solid’, dependable guy he is.

Will Melisandre (Carice van Houten) sacrifice herself to bring Jon Snow back from the dead?
Will Melisandre (Carice van Houten) sacrifice herself to bring Jon Snow back from the dead?

Tormund’s beard will scare the Walkers into submission. Well, it should! When Jon lives again, there will be shit going down with the Night’s Watch, which is like a security blanket with all those damn undead making their way to them. Maybe just use the traitors as bait for the Walkers? Oh no, wait! Then they will become Walkers. Just kill them. But will they show another child’s death on screen? I also think the other lovely Dutch addition, Melisandre, won’t make it. The first episode is called ‘The Red Woman’. She might give her life to save Jon, but not before getting naked again. That is her thing after all. The timing wouldn’t be bad with Carice carrying her own little shadow baby at the moment. I’d miss her though (just not her accent). Davos is another fave up North. He truly is one of the last good guys left, which in this world just means death. I hope not, I really like him. And he can read now. That should be enough to live!

I have no idea what Danielle is talking about with Jaime. I just glanced over that bit, because I don’t read all the crackpot theories she does. Pod did look in trouble in the trailer. Brienne, if she dies, please make it as glorious as she deserves. I’d rather still she just severs some heads and win Sansa’s trust. She needs to serve her like she did her mother. Make it happen! Brienne killed off House Baratheon after all. No wait, row row rowing his boat, Gendry down the stream… I think he could become the biggest plot hole ever, along with Benjen. They have so become drinking buddies in an alternative universe. I also wonder where Littlefinger is and where he stands. He is just as unreliable as his accent anyway. Once again shit will go down in King’s Landing, just not literally, but the zombie will create chaos and death. I wouldn’t mind him killing of all those religious militants, because I felt that storyline did not work entirely. It was rushed through without much explanation, making it hard to figure out how they’d garnered so much support so quickly. My final words I want to give to Sam. Oh Sam, I hope you will become the wisest man in the realm, happy with Gilly and little Sam and that everything will be good for you. Because he is one of the truly good guys too. Wait, in this world.. Oh no…

Do you have any crazy theories about who’s going to die in Season 6? Let us know in the comments!



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