Introducing… ‘The Fez-o-meter’

A long time ago, when this blog was a mere twinkle in our eyes, we originally intended to fezzify it up even more and grade what we watch. For some reason, primarily our terrible memories, we didn’t get around to it. Finally we’ve decided to rectify that and so, without further ado, here’s the ‘fez-inspired’ scale we’ll be using to give you an easy, visual guide to what we feel about the episodes of the shows we hope to cover this year:

The Fez-o-meter

Tiny FezTiny FezTiny FezTiny FezTiny Fez “Geronimoooo!”

Tiny FezTiny FezTiny FezTiny Fez Excellent

Tiny FezTiny FezTiny Fez Good, but flawed

Tiny FezTiny Fez “Not great, Bob!”

Tiny Fez  There’s no way of getting that time back.


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