Ashes to Ashes, Funk to Funky.

We were working on other pieces, about our favourites of 2015 and about the future of Doctor Who. And then the news broke of David Bowie’s passing. We can’t let this just go at Fezzy Towers. Wait, a musician and film star, talked about on a blog about TV? Yeah he did a great part on Extras, but… Nope, this is not what it is about. In a way without Bowie we would not have met. It was the show Ashes to Ashes which brought us together. That show and its predecessor Life On Mars were inspired by Bowie’s songs. We were both terribly unhappy with the ending of Ashes and definitely wished for more inspiration and less clichés. Especially because Bowie’s music was used so well in these shows, with the lyrics guiding the start of both series. However we do want to praise the first series of Ashes, using the David Bowie clown in a way as scary as in the original video. That first series went full circle.
So for one time only, an exception to our blog. Because he was, is and always will be that special. Rest in peace, you awesome weirdo clown you.

Life on Mars

Ashes to Ashes



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